Freitag, 7. September 2012

7th September Update

Beta 9 ist erschienen, hier der komplette Changelog:
  • Fixed an decrase-bug by Bots on new Interior
  • Fixed the bouncy bug on roof
  • Added an new interior #3 (Bistro)
  • Added an new interior #4 (Sniper Roof Floor)
  • Fixed decals on Interior #1
  • Fixed Cubemap Bugs!
  • Smoothed the Hostage Rescue (Hostages cant walk on left side the warehouse, go out with all on the red garage and wait for all hostages) Bug is fixed in Beta 10!
  • Fixed Door Problems on Interior #2
  • Fixed Gun Shop Wall
  • Fixed Decrases by He-grenades
  • Complete the works with Bistro Interior #4
  • re-generated NAV-File (File Size: 1,53 MB)
  • Fixed Glitch: Garbogune stacked on house side (right, there is now deleted!)
  • Fixed T-Spawn Balances
  • Fixed the Bot Bug on Dust Cubes

Download der Beta 9 hier:

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