Montag, 3. September 2012

Beta 8: Works finished, Rendering begin

Die Entwicklung von Beta 8 ist soebend fertig gestellt worden, wir haben noch einzelne Details, Räume etc. verbessert, hier der nochmal der komplette überarbeitete Changelog:

CHANGELOG VOM 02.09.2012:
  • Added an new sun system
  • Balanced CT-Spawn (gas pumps now closed)
  • T-spawn behind the factory now (Gameplay balance)
  • New Section: T-Spawn behind the factory (with a street)
  • Edit in Hostage Room: Add a window (viewfield to t-spawn)
  • Fixed the Nodraw Issue Bug
  • Fixed the glitch spot on the factory roof
  • Fixed the Bug: "From the lower visual field for ventilation shaft now see no feet"
  • Fixed all player clip issues
  • Fixed the outside soundscape issue
  • Fixed the Bug: "He-grenade not bounced" 
  • Fixed the Decal bug on the sniper spot roof
  • Fixed the Color Correction Issue
  • Fixed the Command Error: "boss_door have physic colission errors!"
  • Smoothed Skybox
  • Fixed the Displacement Issues
  • Fixed the Bot Mesh (Supports now the new T-Spawn) 
  • Fixed the Bot Problem
  • Balanced CT-Spawn Gas Pumps (their now connected to each other!) (Gameplay: +1)
  • Balanced T-Spawn again (fixed gameplay +1)
  • Fixed Fan Rotation Problems
  • Fixed func_breakable_surf (errors shows in game sessions, edit to func_breakable)
  • Fixed Vent Shaft (their Health is now 3  [DEFAULT: 5])
  • Fixed Soundscape problems in the new t-spawn
  • Fixed Soundscape problems in the factory
  • Delete the new bridge roof (removed the ladder acess to this section)
  • Fixed same physics objects (example: trash bins)
  • Fixed the gas pumps bug: (Now if you shoot at the gas pumps do not explode) (Gameplay: +5)
  • Added to the t-spawn truck an particle effect (Ambience: +2)
  • Added Lightglow on same positions in the vent section
  • Fixed Light Issue on T-Spawn
  • Fixed in Gun Shop (C4-Room) the Light Bug
  • Fixed in Gun Shop the Glasses behind the Weapons
  • Fixed the Bot Mesh on Bridge Section
  • Smoothed Rescue Zone Sign on Gas Station
  • Finished with the t-spawn basic works
  • Complete the factory roof behind the factory
  • The remake supports now 32 vs 32 (max 64 players)
  • Re-generated the NAV File (File Size now: 1,5 MB)
 CHANGELOG HEUTE (03.09.2012):
  • Finished the Works with detail T-Spawn Area
  • Balanced Gas Pumps (closed, no chance for sniper campers!)
  • Fixed the T-Spawn Invalid Problem 
  • Assault supports now 24 vs 24 (max 48 players)
  • Finished the basic works on new interior room
  • Added a new Section! Interior Room #2 (after ct-spawn left is a new room section!)
  • Fixed env_cubemap Bugs on Sniper Rifles (all snipers shows now mini cubemaps on the zoom)
  • Fixed Gun Shop Section: "Glass behind the weapons now showed"
  • Removed in Gun Shop Section: "Toxical Bottles"
  • Fixed Vent Breaking Health
  • Added on some positions ambience sprites
  • Fixed the new ladder problem
  • Fixed Bot AI
  • Fixed Bot Mesh Again
  • Re-generated the NAV File again (File size : unknown in this time) 


  1. Free, you can visit some of the servers have been playing the remake as an example, our server the IP: or TTK server: