Freitag, 17. August 2012

17th August Update for Assault

Heute erscheint ein weiteres Update zu Assault mit Neuerungen und Bug Fixes,
hier die Liste der Änderungen:

  • Fixed in the gas station the new car repair section (their textures replaced with concrete textures)
  • Fixed the extreme highest light bug in the t-spawn (removed wood planes from the windows)
  • Fixed the clip zone on the windows (towards the t-spawn)
  • Fixed the helicopter radius angle soundscape to middle size
  • Fixed the "dixi-klo" ambience
  • Fixed the car repair station ambience
  • Added an train on the bridge (with ladders)
  • Windows in the T-Spawn are now limpid.
  • Added an new billboard on the sniper spot section
  • Added in the house floor an new section (apartment)
  • Removed an prop in the car repair station (gas station) 
  • Removed an prop their lighting to the vent shaft (t-spawn)
  • Edit the doors to angle open art to both directions
  • If you decompile the map you see in the function Worldspawn the copyright and the author of this map, and settings for the music and the time of day PostFX
  • Added support for musicpostfix in //worldspawn
  • Added support for timeofday (from left 4 dead 2 an function)
  • Added support for startmusiczone
  • Added on same places a sparkle effect for realistic ambient. (ambience_spark)
  • Complete the works with the background on the ct-spawn

Das Update erscheint morgen. Und dazu kommt ein neues YouTube Video zu morgen!

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