Freitag, 24. August 2012

24th August Update Changelog

Der Changelog der neuen Beta umfasst:

  • Fixed the Nodraw-Bug on the outside from the t-spawn
  • Fixed the BIG Vent Problem! The feets of a player are now no longer visible under the ventilation shaft 
  • Edit the T-Spawn
  • NEW: The sun has now other angle settings (New Light vision for the map!)
  • Replaced the truck on the t-spawn with a truck from de_nuke
  • Add a light place on the t-spawn
  • Edit the vence light settings
  • Add help signs for new players on assault for easier-finding the Hostage Rescue zone (signs are texted with "RESCUE ZONE" (included arrows)
  • Edit the tonemapper_control (killed color-correction ambience)
  • NEW: Many terrorists have in past games on Assault, always shoot the cabinets to the doors, they have blocked the entire input, these have now STILL physics but can be moved only 2cm (Invisible Wall) (Community Wish)
  • NEW: Edit same props to (prop_static, replaced prop_physics)

Das Update erscheint heute Nacht.

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